Man Builds A Scarlett Johansson Robot

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Scarlett Johannson

Image: Youtube

People use the term “Uncanny Valley” to describe how as robots become more human-like, they become more unsettling, and the lifesize Scarlett Johansson robot built by a man in Hong Kong definitely proves how true the principle is.

The bot was built by a graphic designer named Ricky Ma who wanted to fulfill his life-long dream of building a humanoid robot. And he didn’t intend to let anything petty stop him, like for instance, the fact that he didn’t know the first thing about robotics.

Ricky mentioned that there were a lot of haters out there at first who just wanted to point out meaningless obstacles, like “this is weird,” or “do you know how much this will cost?” ($50,000 by the way) But he stuck with it, and using a 3D printer, he produced an entire skeleton, fleshed it out with some silicon, and stuck it over a motorized robotic frame.

He decided to base the design of the robot on a Hollywood celebrity, though he isn’t saying which one. It’s not particularly hard to figure out, though.

Thought his robot is admittedly a little rudimentary, some are saying that it creates a bad precedent. Producing robotic reproductions of living people is on some level a violation since you are stealing their image. And it does objectify women in a certain way to build life-like recreations of them.

At the moment, it isn’t that much of a concern, but it’s easy to imagine it becoming a serious issue as robots become more and more lifelike. It’s a strong possibility that in the future you will be able to custom order life-like versions of your favorite stars, and it brings up a few issues that are kind of gross, especially the obvious sexual one. Which, given the way people are, seems like the inevitable future.

So we have officially reached a point where it may be possible to legislate whether people can have sex with robotic clones of celebrities.

Welcome to the future everyone.

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