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Samsung is recalling exploding Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Melted

Samsung has been forced to issue a recall for over 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones released earlier this month due their bad habit of spontaneously combusting. As stories swept the internet of Note 7s bursting into flame, the South Korean company watched as it lost billions in is share value this week. This blow to Samsung is all the more devastating in light of its rival Apple being expected to reveal their new smartphone next week.

Shortly after the release of the Galaxy Note 7 on August 19, photos began appearing online of charred smartphones and reports of them catching fire while charging. Other users reported walking into rooms that had filled with smoke due to the burning phones.

While stories of smartphone batteries exploding while being charged are not unheard of, the number of Galaxy Note 7s that have combusted is far above average. Samsung has said that it has so far found a problem in 24 devices for every million sold.

So what does this mean for anyone who owns a Galaxy Note 7?

Samsung has released a statement saying that it was aware of the problem with the battery in some of the phones and was halting any further sales. The company is preparing replacement devices for those that have already been sold, though the date the new products will be available will vary by country.

When asked at a news conference how much replacing all of the Galaxy Note 7s (which retail at $850) would cost, Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung’s mobile communications business declined to comment on the exact price but stated:

“It is a big amount that is heartbreaking.”

As of yet, Samsung hasn’t released any information regarding why so many of the smartphones are malfunctioning in this way.

If you own a Galaxy Note 7 and are worried about your battery, Samsung advises that you visit one of their Samsung service centers.

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