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Nerdy gadgets we can’t wait for

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2016 has brought us farther into the future than ever before. Umbrellas that tell you the weather, human-sized drones, and virtual reality (just to name a few) are all realistically attainable, and we are freaking out. Here are just some of the nerdy gadgets you need to check out this year.

The EHang 184


This helicopter-looking object is actually a human-sized drone created by the Chinese UAV company EHANG. It was designed to carry people to and from short distances at a low altitude, all while being an eco-friendly transportation vehicle. The device is roughly four and a half feet tall, weighs 440 pounds, and can carry one passenger for 23 minutes at 60 mph. Before flight, the passenger inputs the destination and the drone automatically takes the passenger there, meaning they have no control throughout the duration of the journey. While all of this seems revolutionary, and it is, we probably won’t see it on the market for a few years. The, um, safety of the craft needs to be fully tested and reviewed.

Real-Life PacMan


Talk about nerdy gadgets: PacMan has now made it possible to play the game by moving your arms while wearing the Moff Band. The band itself is linked via bluetooth to a device (such as an iPad or television) and it senses your movements while you play the game. The simple game of PacMan isn’t so simple anymore- now you can incorporate your workout into your game. All you’ve ever wanted, right?



Never worry about forgetting your umbrella again. The Oombrella has a capsule in the handle that collects weather data from all different sources, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, and light, then delivers it to your smart phone. It sends you alerts when you might need it that day, and it even reminds you if you forget it. The Oombrella was created with special materials to make it functional yet beautiful, aiming to look like you are carrying an aurora borealis in your hands. There is even a clip on the top where you can insert different things like a smartphone, camera, GoPro, even a golf club. This revolutionary umbrella will change rainy days into awesome days.



Speck Products recently came out with the Pocket-VR, a way to put yourself into virtual reality with your smart phone. Just insert your phone into the Speck case included, and the device converts images to a panoramic view, making you feel like you’re there. Just hold it up to your eyes and you are transported to another place instantly. This device will open up many doors in the future for more advanced virtual reality experiences.



Petnet recently came out with the SmartFeeder, which takes feeding your pets to a whole new level. You now have the ability to receive notifications on your smart phone about feeding times, meal conformation, and food supply, and you can change any of these at any time. There are also customizable recipes for your companion that the SmartFeeder can create for your pet to enjoy a special treat. Keep your dog or cat on track with his or her meals as easy as pushing a button even when you aren’t home.



Created in France, the D-Vine is the Keurig for wine. Just before drinking your wine, pour the flacon into the top, and in under a minute your glass is totally oxygenated and set to the ideal temperature for the wine you have chosen. There is no longer a need to open that bottle of red the night before to let it breathe, or even think about putting a bottle of white in the fridge. The D-Vine makes it easy and quick to enjoy your favorite glass of wine. Another excuse to drink.



Through revolutionary HotSpotSensor™ Technology, just a simple touch to the Thermo allows you to read your own temperature and so much more. Connected to your smart phone, the device can monitor your temperature and also keep track of things like your medication and/or symptoms. It has a total of 16 sensors to yield your results within just 2 seconds. Never take an uncomfortable temperature reading again, and actually get an accurate reading this time.

Featured Image: EHANG

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