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Mount And Blade is coming to consoles and will soon consume your life

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Mount And Blade


When they say that a video game has a cult following, generally they mean that there is a small group of dedicated people who really love it while it remains unknown by the rest of the gaming population. Usually, this is because the game’s mechanics are incredible, but the lack of funding makes it difficult to market the game to a large audience, or the bad graphics turn off many who might be interested.

Perhaps no game better fits that definition of “cult” than Mount And Blade.

Mount And Blade has the player embody the role of a roving knight in the vaguely medieval fantasy world of Calradia. The gameplay largely revolves around steering your horse across a battlefield while spearing enemies in the face with a lance or slashing them with a sword. Though there are also siege battles which see you take to the walls to attack or defend castles.

If that sounds like a pretty good time to you, then you might just join the small but dedicated group of Mount and Blade fans that have long sustained the indie studio that produces the series.

Unfortunately, until now, Mount and Blade has been limited to the PC, which might explain the lack of general appeal it seems to have. But this Friday, all that is going to change because Mount and Blade is coming to Xbox One and PS4. Not only is the game finally getting ported to consoles, but it comes along with some pretty significant graphics upgrades which have narrowed the graphics gap from “two generations ago” to a mere “last generation.”

In Warband, the installment that is now coming to consoles, the player leads their character from a simple weaponless traveler to the head of a roving band of heroes, defeating rival bands and serving as a mercenary while they build their strength. However, once the character has reached a certain level of strength, they can set out on their own in a bid to carve out their own kingdom, destroying the lords of your enemies and capturing territory.

As you win battles, you can also engage in trade and a simple political system to sway the rebellious vassals of other lords or quell the insurrection of your own. It’s a lot of fun and can quickly become an obsession, which is reflected by the enormous modding community the game has.

So if you’ve got a weekend to kill, and possibly a few vacations days saved up for the rest of the week, now might be time to join in the obsessive fun that is the Mount And Blade community.

The game will finally be available for digital download this weekend for around $20. You can check out the trailer below for a first look.

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