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Logan comes out with a new trailer and it’s dope

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Its been a long and arduous journey for Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, and the X-Men film franchise as a whole for a while now, but it appears as though all three will finally receive their proper and most righteous dues as the first official trailer for Logan has finally dropped.

There had been plenty of rumors about how long Jackman would continue as Wolverine – considering the fact that Jackman has played the grizzled anti-hero off and on for the past 16 years. Now 48, the intense physical demands of playing Wolverine have finally caught up to Jackman, as the actor announced the final film in his multi-picture contract for playing Wolverine would indeed be his last. Suddenly, comic book films’ most underappreciated and longest tenured hero was hanging up the claws, a devastating loss to one of the most bankable super heroes of the modern age.

Thankfully, Jackman and Wolverine are going to get the send off that they deserve – or so it seems – as the aforementioned final Jackman-as-Wolverine installment, Logan looks to be badass as hell. After the much maligned to sorta okay X2, X3, X-Men First Class, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Wolverine films of the X-Men franchise, fans continually stated that the only bright spot within those films was Jackman as Wolverine, and that Jackman deserved a better story for one of the most embattled and beloved characters in all of comics.

For the uninitiated, Wolverine is involved in one of the most-bad ass comic book storylines of the past decade, Old Man Logan – which features inbred hulks, Wolverine murdering all of the other mutants, and other brutally adult aspects – and following the R-rated success of Deadpool, fans began clamoring for an R-rated Wolverine film, one hopefully based on the Old Man Logan storyline. Lo and behold, Fox appears to have listened as the first trailer for Logan shows a scarred and visibly aged Logan, despite his immortal and super healing abilities. Producers for the film stated that while film rights for Hulk and Hawkeye being at Disney/Marvel prevented a full-blown Old Man Logan film (plus, how would people explain the inbred Hulks running around), there will still be aspects of the storyline that borrow heavily from the story.

The film is said to follow Logan in the near future (2024) in a world in which most mutants have been murdered by Nathaniel Essex and a government program that wants to weaponize mutants with little care for the mortal danger their use places them in. Meanwhile, Logan has since vowed to never use his claws again, which in the film, we don’t know why exactly, while in the comics, it was because Wolverine was under the control of Mysterio (a Spider-Man villain). Along the way, Logan comes in contact with Professor Xavier (still played by Patrick Stewart) – who at this point is a shell of himself as the Academy has been destroyed and he begins to develop Alzheimer’s – as Prof. X informs Logan that a clone of his DNA is being searched for by Essex and his government program and that Logan is the only person who can save her.

Now that, is a badass movie – no super CGI monster to jump out at you in the third act, just a simple act of one man who has reached the end of his life fighting against the injustice of a child. The trailer basically speaks for itself in the sense of Logan being THE Wolverine movie we’ve all wanted so desperately, and the Hugh Jackman deserves to serve as his final motorcycle ride off into the sunset before hanging up the claws for good.