Leah Remini Airing Documentary On Scientology

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Leah Remini

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Leah Remini, best known for her role on the sitcom “King of Queens,” is premiering a new documentary on A&E on Scientology. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

The documentary is eight parts, all detailing Remini’s 25-year history in the organization and the reports of abuse suffered by adherents. The church has already struck back, threatening lawsuits, has often been the case for this notoriously litigious organization. In a public statement, the Church had this to say:

“Leah Remini is doing this show for the money, just as she profited from her book. In addition, she attempted to extort the Church by first demanding $500,000, followed by an additional $1 million, because the Church invoked its First Amendment right to respond to her false claims with the truth. This shows the extent Leah Remini is willing to go to in order to distort the truth about Scientology.”

But in a Reddit Ask Me Anything post, Remini went into depth on some of the behind-the-scenes elements of the church. For instance, according to her, the Church of Scientology informs members that Tom Cruise is essentially the Messiah of Scientology, single-handedly changing the world.

She also says that when someone leaves the Church, they are labeled a “suppressive person” and forbidden from having contact with anyone still in the Church. This has resulted in families being split up since the members still in Scientology are required by their religion to not speak to the people who left.

Remini also described what it was like to be publically known as a member of the organization. When one Redditor asked if she got “weird reactions” from people outside the group she said, “I got appropriate reactions, ‘Why are you in this crazy s**t?’”

The allegations she makes are in keeping with much of what former Scientologists have said about the Church. Of course, the Church denies those allegations and each episode of the new documentary airs with a disclaimer to that effect.


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