Kim Kardashian Leaving KUWTK

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Kim is leaving Keeping Up With the Kardashians following her traumatic robbery in a Paris apartment last month.

Reportedly, Kim has decided that it is time to leave the show due to the fact that the constant media attention it creates has placed her in danger. It’s not surprising that she would feel that way. After all, many speculated in the aftermath of the robbery that her tendency to broadcast every move she made was a large part of what enabled the robbers to find her location and target her.

On the other hand, it marks a break with Kim’s entire professional career. There may be no one in history who has risen to the heights of fame that Kim K has simply by virtue of being famous. So to see her say goodbye to the thing that got her the success she enjoys in the first place is a bit surprising.

But it does show that this sort of fame is a double-edged sword. Kim has enjoyed a lot of success, but in the process, she surrendered any chance at a normal life.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians may not be getting the ax all together, though. The E! Network which produces the show has signaled that filming is merely on hold.

It is possible that the show may come back. In fact, it’s also possible that Kim K could come back to the show. After all, this might be nothing more than a shrewd negotiating tactic to secure a better deal by reminding E! how much the show needs her.

Then again, if it isn’t there are still a certain diabetic brother and his on-again/off-again fiancee waiting in the wings now that it is clear their own reality show isn’t doing too well.

It’s possible that Rob and Chyna are about to get the break they need to steal the show.


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