Kanye West Continues To Lose His Mind

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Kanye West has not started off his 2020 presidential run on a good foot, as his decision to continue acting like an escaped mental patient probably isn’t going to win over any skeptical voters who don’t want to hand over the nation’s nuclear codes to a dangerously unhinged narcissist. Well, not again, anyway.

Last week, Kanye alienated a number of fans by turning his concert into a platform for his bizarre personal views, which to be fair is how most his concerts go. It didn’t go over so well with the concert-goers. One even threw a shoe at him while the rest just walked out.

But over the weekend, it was Kanye who walked out after being booed in the aftermath of a fifteen-minute rant about all the show business people he had a problem with. As usual, his biggest gripe was that Beyonce and Taylor Swift were collaborating to rig the VMA’s against Kanye. It’s a significant turnaround from last time when Kanye was defending Beyonce as the deserving winner over Swift.

But without a doubt, the weirdest part was when he seemed to plead with Jay-Z to call him instead of sending his hired killers after him. Kanye to Jay-Z: “I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head. Just call me! Talk to me like a man!”

Sort of makes you think twice about the whole “Hip-Hop Illuminati” thing, doesn’t it.

But, after getting his ego bruised by an angry crowd that greeted his rant with boos, Kanye stormed out of the room, leaving his fans to haggle with management for refunds. The next day, Kanye announced that he was canceling the rest of his Saint Pablo tour. He cited exhaustion over his touring schedule and the amount of time he was spending designing clothes, which is evidently a more labor intensive process than you might have thought.

The whole thing has people asking if Kanye might be off his rocker a little bit. Even Snoop Dog weighed in saying,  “I smoke weed. Weed don’t make you do that. What the f*** is he on?”

Good question, Snoop. Good question.

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