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iPhone 7 leak hints at a cordless future

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Proving that old Ben Franklin quote that “Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead” correct, the iPhone 7 has already had huge facets of its design leaked well ahead of its release date. Of course, it would be irresponsible to speculate based on nothing but rumors, but it would also be a lot of fun. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Major Memory Boost

If you find that you’re having trouble storing all your Rick and Morty episodes on your current iPhone along with all those selfies you refuse to delete, you’re in luck, because the new iPhone is coming with a huge memory upgrade. While the current generation has memory tiers of 16GB, 24GB, and 138GB, the next generation is rumored to be doubling that. So even the base model should hold quite a bit of memory, and the highest tier should have enough gigs to store the sum total of human knowledge and creative endeavor.

Top Of The Line Camera

The current iPhone Camera is already pretty good, but the new camera is using a dual lens system to give you unparalleled wide-angle and zoom shots. This also comes coupled with better low-light sensors for photos in less-than-ideal lighting. Unfortunately,the additional resolution may have the inadvertent side effect of making you never want to trade sexy pictures with a significant other ever again. For certain occasions, a camera can, in fact, be too good.

No More Headphone Jack

Apparently, and this has upset quite a few people, Apple is doing away with the headphone jack, instead including some wireless earbuds they will be pushing consumers to use. That means all the non-Bluetooth headphones you have will be completely worthless without an expensive dongle to convert them, and you’re going to have to invest in new wireless earbuds several times a year after you inevitably lose the tiny, non-attached ones it comes with. It’s a brilliant and borderline-antagonistic sales move on the part of Apple. On the other hand, wireless headphones are pretty great. So, it’s sort of a wash.

The lightning jack dongle also fits in the charging slot, which means you can listen to music or charge your phone, but not both.

General Upgrades

Along with some better features, the iPhone 7 will be getting beefed up processors. In addition to that extra power, it’s also getting a host of general upgrades. For instance, the new phone will be waterproof up to 30 minutes. A future where your phone can survive being dropped in the toilet after it slips out of your sweaty hands does sound pretty promising, but that’s one frontier Apple has never managed to cross, so don’t hold your breath. In addition, the antenna bands that some people thought were ugly apparently are gone, instead being integrated into the general design. Finally, the home button is being replaced with a touch sensitive one so you don’t have to wear your thumb out pressing it.

So if all of these things are accurate, it sounds like now could be a good time to upgrade. Or you could wait till next year when they release another model, rendering this one a useless piece of junk.

The future is here, my friends.

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