Independence Day outfit ideas that go beyond the 4th of July

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On the fourth of July each year, we remember, not just our founding fathers and their fight to ensure our freedom, but also, the growth that we as an independent nation have come to record each year, economical, socially, culturally, to mention a few. In lieu of this, we celebrate, because every significant achievement deserves at least, a pop of champagne, and some grilled meat if possible. Whether you’ve planned an elaborate outing or you’re settling for barbecue chicken with friends, one of these independence day outfit ideas is sure to suit your needs.

Fireworks on the beach

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If you’re planning to celebrate Independence Day on the beach taking in the cool summer breeze, this outfit is just perfect. It goes together to reflect your love for America but also,  stands alone as beach wear that could be worn on a different day. The super lightweight sweater serves as a protection from the cool breeze beaches are known for, however, if you decide that you’re immune to that, or if you just to take a dip in the ocean, you can totally take it off. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Poolside party


Although this swimsuit looks similar to the American flag with its white stars and red and white stripes, it doesn’t automatically make it the kind of Independence Day outfit you’d end up wearing once a year. The beauty of this one lies in its tie-dye- patchwork type design. It gives it a, uniquely-colorful, shabby chic vibe. Wear this on the 4th of July and you’d be the star of the pool. You can find this swimsuit here.

Barbecue babe

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One of the most popular forms of celebrating the 4th of July involves good old barbecue in the backyard. If you’re going for this then you’d probably want to protect yourself from all the heat and annoying lawn pests. This look is best for that. The hat shades you from the sun and the romper, long enough to protect your legs from bugs, also sports a cut out back lets your skin breathe. Even more, the colors scream “patriotic,” but not so much that you can’t wear this classy Independence Day outfit some other time.

Baseball game

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Nothing’s more uncomfortable than the hot and sweaty atmosphere that usually accompanies baseball games. It might be twice as worse on the 4th of July because, duh Independence Day celebration. If you’re planning to go see one, this look is the way to go. You’d look chic, stylish, and you get to beat back the heat. It can also be mixed and matched so you’re guaranteed it won’t go to waste after the 4th of July.

Parades and Fireworks

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This look works best if you’re trying to go to a parade or see fireworks. It’s super casual, super comfortable and super chic, considering you’re going to be standing or walking for the most part.  Pair with any sneaker of your choice for maximum results, preferably red or navy blue.

Formal evening out

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If you want to take the 4th of July a step further by visiting the Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington, DC where the original Declaration of Independence is housed, or you’re simply opting for a formal evening out. This look would make for an ideal Independence Day outfit. It’s classy, put-together, and light enough to save you from July’s heat.

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