How to always look good

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Image- Highkey

Image- Highkey

Looking good comes with its perks, there’s nothing like a welcoming flood of stares when you step into a room full of people, most times, it could be the difference between a speedy response, at a customer service location, and an undeserved 2-hour wait. Let’s face it, there’s a reason for the saying, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” Learn how to always look good with these tips.


Our hair is a very important aspect of our general appearance, it provides us with that crowning effect. You could wear the trendiest of clothing, but with bad hair, you’d still look unkept. To look good is to look presentable. One doesn’t necessarily have to go over the top with flamboyant styles and colors (although you can if you want to). Simply ensuring that the hair is well kept and neatly-groomed is all that’s required.


It is extremely easy to overlook the importance of well-groomed nails to our general appearance. Our hands constantly come in contact with other individuals daily and while neat nails might be slightly appealing, dirty, chipped nails could be repulsive as well. A simple in-home trimming would do the trick but, feel free to treat yourself to some mani-pedi, complete with colored nail lacquer.


Looking good, isn’t looking good if you don’t smell good as well. It’s an entire package and the lack of one disrupts the effectiveness of the other. Of what good is being well dressed if people around are repulsed by your stench. Rather than appreciate your appearance, they’d be more focused on getting some fresh air, far away from you. It is important to invest in a perfume, aside personal hygiene and the use of deodorants. Remember to opt for one with a subtle smell, over-powering fragrances aren’t entirely attractive.

Wardrobe Staples

Our wardrobe is an essential part of our everyday look, hence, it is necessary to invest in quality staples that outlast, seasons, weathers, trends and that are always readily available in case of a rainy day. Plain colored tees, a pair of jeans, a little black dress, fedora hats and nice sunglasses are some of the items you should be looking into.


Neutrals are a smart investment for the individual who is looking to always look good. They are safe and they guarantee a classy-chic vibe. If you’re the color-loving type, try donning color on color e.g. a lighter shade on a darker shade and vice versa. There’s a 99% chance you won’t go wrong.

Play up your best features

In the science of looking good, it is highly important that we put on attires which accentuate our best feature. This tip extends to make-up and accessories as well. Wear colors that work best with your skin color—shorter attires if you have pretty legs, longer ones if you don’t, crop tops if you have a slim waist and tight hugging jeans if your booty is to die for.

Wear clothes that fit

People tend to overlook how this greatly contributes to our general appearance. No matter how trendy, expensive or pretty an attire might be, if it doesn’t fit, it wont look good. The only exception to this rule would be intentionally misfitting items like, boyfriend shirts and slouchy cardigans. Additionally, if the clothes fit, there’s a reduced tendency for discomfort. Trust me, the more comfortable you are, the better you appear.

Be confident

Wearing an air of confidence is the most important key to always looking good. It’s an attractive personality and it influences how people see and address you. If you believe you look good, then they will too. If you don’t, then, chances are, they probably won’t.

Lilian Ogbuefi is a Creative Writer/Blogger interning at Wably Media Group and currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and English at Fisk University, Nashville Tennessee. She identifies as a story teller and believes that story telling is the ultimate way to preserve thoughts and ideas while influencing the actions and decisions of the individual that interprets the story behind the art, thus, promoting change in the society. As a writer and filmmaker, she strives to embrace this modern form of expression by infusing it with as much positive messages as possible. At the end of the day, what’s truly important to her are, the messages we pass, the stories we tell and the changes we influence. “Stories change lives; make it count”.