George Zimmerman Shooter Gets 20 Years

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George Zimmerman

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A man who shot at George Zimmerman in a road rage incident has just been sentenced to 20 years for attempted 2nd-degree murder. The incident in question dates back to May of 2015 when a man named Matthew Apperson pulled up alongside Zimmerman’s car and fired a shot through his passenger window.

Interestingly, Apperson had already had a run-in with Zimmerman the previous year when he called 911 to report that Zimmerman had pulled up next to him in his car and began verbally assaulting him. According to the police report, Apperson claims that Zimmerman was berating him and yelling “Do you know who I am?”

Apperson then called police a few weeks later to report that Zimmerman had apparently followed Apperson to work and parked menacingly outside the office. Police later pulled Zimmerman over and detained him for questioning but released him after deciding there wasn’t enough evidence to press charges.

Apperson then tracked Zimmerman down a few months later and tried to kill him.

It’s a weird case because it implies a few things were going on. First, Zimmerman is sort of showing his stripes as someone with a pretty dangerous temper. It’s tough to say if that might have been a contributing factor in his famous shooting of Trayvon Martin, or if the trial and his resulting infamy might have contributed to him developing this trait later.

Second, it seems like Apperson and Zimmerman were stalking each other for several months and that either pushed Apperson to try to murder him or possibly even that Zimmerman was trying to push Apperson to a deadly stand-off. That’s pure speculation, but Apperson has alleged that the shooting was in self-defense, which is a hard case to make when it seems like he basically tried to bushwhack Zimmerman in this case.

Either way, it’s another unfortunate chapter in the life of one of America’s most divisive and reviled figures.

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