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Walker Fans! Watch the First 4 Minutes of The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere

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In an effort to give fans an anxiety attack, AMC has released the first 4 minutes of The Walking Dead mid-season premiere, and they are ridiculously tense.

In the clip, we get more information on the unfolding situation for Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham after they are stopped on the road by a contingent of The Saviors – a scene that was teased in stinger footage after the credits for the mid-season finale rolled back in November.

In the stinger footage, our group is forced to exit their tanker, and they soon learn that all their stuff now belongs to Negan, who is without a doubt the most bad-ass villain the comic series has ever produced. The new clip takes us further into the scene; Sasha and Abraham are held at gunpoint, while Daryl is escorted to the back of the tanker with a Savior so the baddies can begin taking inventory of their haul.

Obviously these biker goons have never heard of Daryl “I Blow Up Tanks” Dixon, and while the Saviors don’t know there’s an RPG in the cab, we the fans sure do. I have a feeling that these particular Saviors won’t be much more than greasy spots in the road once Daryl regains control of the situation.

There is, of course, also the (hopefully unlikely) possibility that our heroes won’t be able to get the upper hand, and if so, the Saviors plan on following them back to Alexandria. As you’ll recall, things have gotten a bit tense back home, so even if the Saviors do make it there, they’ll have to compete with a walker horde to get at the goods inside.

Unsurprisingly, the clip ends right when things seem to be going from bad to deadly, but it’s certainly enough to get us reinvested in the show after its two-month hiatus.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday, and what a bloody Valentine’s Day it will be.