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Fart detectors are real and yes they work

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Fart Detector

Image: Buzzfeed

No More Blaming it on the Dog!

That’s right folks, thanks to the prize-winning invention of a group of Chinese scientists, you’ll no longer be able to blame your silent-but-deadly farts on the poor dog! This clever piece of robotic tech can trace the odor back to its source. So naughty blame-it-on-the-dog farters, be warned! This little robo dude will totally spill the beans!

This little fart-tracking gizmo has been awarded a prestigious Pineapple Prize, organized by, a Chinese science publication, that awards cash prizes to discoveries and inventions that are amusing and have practical applications. Randomly, in China, the pineapple is considered so ugly that it’s said that only the bravest and most curious would dare to explore the tasty interior. And so, they named a science awards program after it. Weird!

The fart detector, created by Li Jigong and his team at Tianjin University received the physics award. Amusing as the invention might seem initially, it does have some serious potential applications. Because it can work in any conditions, indoors or out, it could potentially be used to sniff out drugs and other contraband, and to detect and locate gas leaks or the release of potentially harmful gases and air-borne particles. So it has humanitarian, military, legal, and industrial applications. Not bad for something created and branded as a fart detector.

So here’s how it works, in a nut shell. We won’t go into too much detail, because the sniffer-bot is surprisingly complex. But essentially, when the robo sniffer detects an odor in the air, it tracks the odor and, according to the published paper “performs an exploratory behaviour”, during which time it gathers and analyses more data from the odor plume. Using a special algorithm, the bot gives a precise location of the odor source. Neat, huh? Although not that neat if you’re responsible for most of the nasty smells in your household.

If you are the ever-offending farter and someone decides you should have a fart bot in your home, we’ve got some good news! You can get yourself a pair of anti-fart undies! Yep. You can get pants that don’t let out any fart smell. These could be a blessing if you’re truly embarrassed by your gas. And they could be life savers for those of us who have partners that produce farts that smell like death. You know, the kind you’re sure you could bottle and sell as a chemical weapon.

They’ve got activated carbon cloth between the outer layers of fabric on the back panel. When you fart, the odor passes into the carbon, which filters out the odor-causing particles, and only lets out clean air. Which seems like a good plan. But the manufacturers tell you that you must stand up straight with your legs together or sit straight with your back and knees straight, otherwise the fart will escape and bypass the back panel. And, you have to control your fart and only let it out slowly, otherwise the fabric won’t have the time it needs to filter the stinky bits. It’s not just underpants and panties either – there’s even a whole range of pajamas that use this anti-fart technology. Would you wear them?!?