Experts Say Kardashian Robbery Was Probably An Inside Job

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Image: Wikipedia Australia published an interview today with Shawn Engbrecht, a personal security expert, where they discussed the facts of the Kardashian robbery in Paris, and some of the things that might have gone wrong to make it possible.

Engbrecht talked about some of the elements that go into a successful celebrity security assignment. He pointed out that the most important element of personal security in a foreign country was cooperation with local authorities and suggested that this might have been lacking in the Kardashian case.

While most security professionals would have had local off-duty police or someone licensed to carry firearms on the scene, it seems that the security surrounding Kardashian might have been lacking in this regard.

In addition, he suggested that the biggest issue was probably the fact that Kim is constantly on social media. The same machine that made Kardashian so successful and requires so much of her life to be on constant display was probably also enough to make her a target.

According to Engbrecht, Kim is not the only celebrity in that position. He pointed out that the hardest part of protecting celebrities is trying to tread the line between security and exposure.

The most interesting thing to take away from his perspective on the subject was that he thinks the robbery was probably enabled by people who are familiar with Kim’s security.

While he suggested that any competent security team would take painstaking steps to ensure that anyone able to come near Kardashian was vetted, it seems that the people who robbed Kim knew exactly where the security would be and how to get around it. They also knew that, in this case, it seemed to be pretty light, with only one person on duty at the time who was easily overpowered.

All of this suggests that the thieves probably had someone on the inside.




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