Dave Chappelle Has Three New Netflix Specials On The Way

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Dave Chappelle

Image: Youtube

Brace yourselves everyone, because Dave Chappelle is finally back. The comedian has officially booked three new comedy specials that will be airing on Netflix sometime in the future.

It’s the first time Chappelle has booked a televised comedy special in 12 years.

Dave has been on a long break from being in the public eye that started when he left his Comedy Central show back in 2006. Dave left the show to spend more time with his family. The show had been a pretty important voice in the American media landscape when it came to matters of race, if only because Chappelle satirized stereotypes and assumptions better than anyone.

And perhaps, the fact that we missed him so much was what made the news that he was coming back to host SNL so exciting. And he didn’t fail to deliver, giving an amazing opening monolog and carrying some skits on his back.

Maybe it’s for the best that he chose this moment to re-emerge into the spotlight. Just as racial tensions look ready to boil over in the most serious way since the end of the Civil Rights movement, Dave Chappelle comes back when we need him most.

He’s kind of like Batman that way, which is a comparison I’m sure he would be honored to hear, given that he is reportedly a bit of a nerd.

Maybe that’s a little mellow dramatic, but the fact is that it’s good to have him back after his long absence. And we can take some comfort in the fact that no matter what happens in the next few years, these specials should be pretty good.

And I will leave you with another moment when Dave offered us some much-needed comfort when he helped us all get over the death of Glenn on Walking Dead by sending up the scene.

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