Celebrities Are 0-2 On This Election

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Martin Sheen

Image: Youtube

Celebrities are well known for voicing political opinions, as is their right to do. People often say, “Well no one cares what they think, and how dare you assume that we do.” And that’s fair, especially since the science backs that up. But on the other hand, they have as much a right to speak their mind as anyone, the only difference is they have a larger media presence than most of us.

And this election was pretty unique in a lot of ways, not least of which was that celebrities really turned out in favor of Hillary Clinton. So you could probably say it was a collective loss when Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the way our system works, you aren’t actually President until the Electoral College votes you in, so a number of celebrities sought a chance to turn that defeat into a victory by calling on the College to vote against Trump. Martin Sheen even released a celebrity-studded video recently aimed at the electors asking them to do so.

But, as you’ve likely heard, that was also a bust, since Trump was formally elected President yesterday. So if you’re watching the scoreboard, that makes it “Celebrities: 0; Trump: 2.” And that’s bad news for those who were hoping a little extra star power could make the difference in this last-ditch effort to stop Trump from taking office.

So what are we to make of this? Should celebrities stop trying to get involved in politics? I personally don’t think so. You might think celebrities have a responsibility to keep quiet and not assume that they have the right to lecture normal people on politics, but as people whose opinions get a lot more air time than most, it’s really the opposite. Everyone in a democracy has the responsibility to stand up for what’s right, especially when people listen to you more. So keep it up guys, as long as you don’t seem too self-righteous, no one likes that.

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