Did All The Celebrity Endorsements Hurt Clinton?

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Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton narrowly missed winning the Presidency, despite actually winning the popular vote. It was a pretty incredible upset since the vast majority of pundits and polling organizations thought Trump’s odds were extremely long.

Hillary ran a textbook campaign, pulling out all the stops and outspending Trump by huge margins. She also turned to Hollywood, getting more celebrity endorsements than possibly any candidate in history. Everyone from Mark Ruffalo to Beyonce threw their support behind Clinton. But did that end up backfiring and making Clinton seem out of touch with regular people?

According to most studies, celebrity endorsements do not make anyone more likely to vote for a candidate…at all. Most people know who they are going to vote for early in the campaign and don’t particularly care who celebrities are backing. And despite having Beyonce and Jay-Z perform concerts on her behalf, it seems like people weren’t that motivated to vote as a result.

But in the year of the outsider, seeming phony or out of touch with the common people is poison to a candidate.

While Clinton attracted a huge amount of support from Hollywood, Trump spent most of the campaign engaging in high-profile feuds with various celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell. That may have actually worked out in his favor this year as many people seem to have got the impression that Clinton was cozying up to the country’s elite while Trump was disdainful of the political and cultural establishment.

Since this seemed to have been an election where the less affluent rural population felt tired of being excluded from the political and cultural dialogue in the country and reacted with anger towards the establishment by voting for an outsider like Trump who threatened to burn the whole thing down.

So to any aspiring politicians out there, remember to make sure that people are into celebrities that year before getting too chummy with them.

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