Blac And Rob Kardashian Split, Surprising No One

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Rob Kardashian


It started so well, she was an exotic dancer who worked her way up to… owning a nail salon or something… and he was the overweight son of a family of uh… I don’t know really what they do, but they’re famous. You know, it was your basic fairy tale romance that everyone dreams of. She was even the mother of his underage half-sister’s boyfriend’s son.

And if we weren’t talking about the exploits of the Kardashians, this would sound like the kind of weird, semi-incestuous drama you usually only hear about in trailer parks.

But sadly Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s star-crossed love affair has come to an end, at least for the time being. According to reports, and Rob’s mopey social media posts, she packed her bags and left over the weekend, taking the couple’s infant daughter.

The break-up is reportedly coming on the heels of a fight the pair had after an alleged hack of Blac Chyna’s Instagram revealed that she may have had plans to use him to get legal access to the Kardashian name. Also, she was secretly talking with Jaden Smith, which is the one part of this story I find the least bit credible.

Some are speculating that the entire incident is just manufactured drama for a TV. And with these two, that almost sounds like it could be true. As the least popular Kardashians, after Kourtney of course, it makes sense that they would need to manufacture a reason to be interesting to boost their ratings.

But on the other hand, it’s remarkable to me that this relationship has lasted as long as it has since it was an enormous trainwreck from start to finish. But, rest assured, these two kids will be back together sooner or later.

If only because they are each much less marketable without the other.


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