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Best smartphones under $200 without a contract

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Don’t want to sign a binding contract? No problem. We found the best smartphones under $200 with no contract for the plan that can best fit your smartphone needs.

StraightTalk Wireless

With StraightTalk, you can bring in your own phone and even keep your phone number. They have lots of different monthly or yearly plans to choose from, but you never sign a contract. The lowest starts at $30/month which gives you 1500 Minutes Nationwide Talk including calls to 411 and 100MB of data. The highest is a yearly rate at $495 (not under $200) which gives you Unlimited nationwide talk, and the first 5GB of Data at High Speed, and then at 2G. The yearly plan saves you $45 so it’s your best bet.


With TracFone, all you have to do is choose a phone, activate it, and add airtime. You basically pay as you go. Or, you can choose the Auto-Refill plan that will refill your minutes and data based on the plan you select. If you are new to using a cell phone or just want something simple, TracFone would be a good option for you.


At T-Mobile, they also have a pay as you go plan. Depending on how much data and minutes you are going to be using, you can either choose $3/month with any combination of 30 minutes of talk or 30 texts, $5 a day with up to 500MB 4G LTE data, or $10/week with up to 1GB of 4G LTE data. This plan is good if you know you will be using a very small amount of data and only want to pay for what you are using along the way.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile might have the best deal for the most data and usage. You can get unlimited data, talk and text for $40/month without signing any contracts. If you need less data you can get 500MB of data for $30/month, and if you need more data you can get 6GB for $50/month.

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