Azealia Banks Is Probably The Bad Guy Here

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Azealia Banks


You might have heard by now that Azealia Banks is involved in a bit of a dispute with actor Russel Crowe. The incident occurred Saturday night when Banks found herself invited along to a little get-together that Crowe was throwing in his hotel suite.

Crowe then put some music on, which apparently didn’t sit well with Azealia who disagreed with his taste in music. She reportedly then told Crowe that he was a “boring old white man.” A female guest then told Banks that the comments were probably out of line.

Banks then pulled the old “I’ll cut you with a bottle” thing and told the guests that they would “love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***,” which is both probably a misjudgement of how much people like getting stabbed in the neck and a pretty dramatic overreaction to the situation.

Crowe then reportedly grabbed Banks and forcibly removed her from the room and called security to escort her from the hotel. According to Banks, he did so while choking and spitting on her, along with some liberal use of racial slurs.

But here’s the thing:

Several people who were actually there are saying that this is totally made up. Comedian Jim Jeffries even tweeted that Russel’s claim that Banks is lying is “is 100 percent the truth. I was there, she was out of control. Russell did absolutely nothing wrong.”

On the other hand, both Banks and Crowe are known for having some violent tempers and it’s possible, and perhaps even likely that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

For the time being, most people who were there are backing up Crowe and it definitely sounds like Banks probably started it. Luckily for those who would like to know the truth, at least part the incident might have been caught on tape.

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