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A holiday gift guide for the for the movie lover

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With the post-election Holiday season having descended upon us in an unseemly fashion, you may find yourself already scrambling to find ways to satisfy all those who lay claim to your gift list. Sure, there are the easy ones like Aunt Mildred, who will be satisfied with a wine club subscription, or Grandpa, who would be over the moon just to have someone listen to his ridiculous story of how he almost made the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad in the sixties. Boom, you have those people covered, as their tastes and interests center solely on self-medication or existential acknowledgement.

But what about those more “refined” folks on your list – the one’s with acquired tastes that have identified them as the “cultural elitist” in the family, but are so painfully aware of their standing in the family that they recoil at the idea of telling you exactly what Fellini film they yearn to add to their collection – the ones that like to use terms like “cinema” despite being from Nebraska, and every year you watch the Oscars with them, if only to hear them blithely scoff and take issue with every winner from Best Costume Design to Best Picture.

Most of us have one or two people on our Holiday gift lists that have some distinct interest in film – either they see a lot of them, or they adore the heritage of film, etc. – and movies, so, if you’re looking for something to get them and maybe a little afraid to ask them what they want specifically, here’s a gift guide for film buffs.

The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz

It might be trite to include anything Wes Anderson on a film buff’s gift list, as the quirky Americana auteur has become a bit of a cliché of the hipster film watching crowd. That being said, there is a lot to learned from the mind of the man who brought the world Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, and that’s ultimately why the book by Matt Zoller Seitz is a safe bet.

Criterion Designs Art Book Commissioned by Criterion Collection

Sticking with books for the film lover, there are few other safe bets as the Criterion Collection. An initiative to set aside history’s greatest films from the media form’s finest of film makers, the Criterion Collection is probably best known by cinephiles for its unique and one of a kind dvd and blu-ray cases, of which the Criterion Designs consists of, making it an easy choice for the aesthetically inclined film fan.

Filmstruck/Criterion Channel Subscription

On that same Criterion Collection kick, as mentioned earlier, the Criterion Collection now offers the majority of its films in an online streaming capacity via Filmstruck. The movie streaming platform makes for an excellent way to peruse the entire Criterion Collection as well as view some of the greatest films of all time

Brookstone 200 Lumens Pocket Projector Pro MP160

If you have a subscription to the Criterion Channel or Netflix or Hulu or anything streaming, you may find it tiresome to watch on your laptop or television, so why not watch it on your pocket projector? That’s right, just hook the Brookstone 200 Lumens Pocket Projector Pro MP160 to your computer and watch whatever film you please on any large surface to make it feel like you’ve teleported straight to the cinema.

MoviePass subscription

If watching on a projection screen at home isn’t quite your speed, then perhaps its better to opt for the MoviePass subscription. MoviePass allows users to pay a monthly subscription fee to have unlimited access to movie tickets to most popular films as they debut in theaters.

Mondo Movie Posters

If the movie lover on your gift list isn’t necessarily one for actually going to see films, and rather, just examining the artistry that can be found in any film still or promotional picture, then perhaps a Mondo Movie Poster is more their speed. Mondo is famous for making some of the finest in niche posters and pop art interpretations of famous film titles, making it one of the best options for any film collector to add to their collection.

Studio Ghibli gifts

On the movie collector kick, there are few film entities that have a more devout and reverent fan base that Hayao Miyazaki’s Stuido Ghibli. Arguably the most famous animation company East of Disney, Ghibli is revered by most film fans and will undoubtedly make for a great gift for the animation film fan in your life.

Tickets to a Film Festival

No gift guide for film buffs is complete without mentioning tickets to a film festival, even if it’s out of reach and a little obnoxious. But, if you have a ton of money, a ton of time, and a ton of love or the film buff on your gift list, then the single best gift you could possibly get them is (at least one) ticket to any film festival. Film festivals are where the upcoming year’s best movies debut and make their earliest rounds and impressions, which would mean anyone there at the festivals is truly at the forefront of film. You can find a list of film festivals with their dates and links to get tickets from the New York Film Academy.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Trait as “The Men’s Trait holiday gift guide for film buffs.”