50 Cent Threatened By Lawsuit For Bullying Autistic Airport Worker

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Image: Youtube

50 Cent is in for yet more legal trouble after an unfortunate incident at the Cincinnati airport where he singled out an employee with Autism for ridicule.

50 filmed himself presenting a diatribe about how “this generation is crazy” before turning the camera on Andrew Farell, who according to his father, has Autism as well as a hearing problem and severe social anxiety. 50 proceeded to pressure the man into speaking to the camera while talking about how high he seemed to be, which he was definitely not, despite 50’s insistence that he was “high as a motherf*cker right here in the airport.”

So imagine for a minute that you were in this poor man’s position. You struggle every day against your crippling social anxiety so you can go to work and contribute to society in whatever way you can. You work as a janitor in an airport, cleaning up vomit and Cinnabon wrappers when one day 50 Cent shows up and starts harassing you about being high, when you aren’t, and then puts it up on Youtube.

And that’s why his family decided to get a lawyer. The only reason they have not filed suit at the moment is the high attorney fees.

The family has informed 50 that if he were to make a donation to Andrew’s Gofundme page and issue a face to face apology, they would be happy to drop the suit.

This is not good news for 50, who is already a little short on cash as a result of being sued already by around ten other people. He’s already in the hole for around 20 million dollars, which means he probably should not be going around hassling disabled people. He could probably end up saving money just by hiring someone to follow around and remind him not to act like a jerk. Especially since this isn’t the first video of someone he’s been sued for uploading without their consent. At least this time it’s not a sex tape.

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