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27 Crazy Religious Celebrities

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Mel Gibson

Image: Salon

Some celebrities are more forthcoming about their religious beliefs than others. We’ve already covered 46 Celebrities You Won’t Believe are Atheists, which means it’s time we talk about celebrities that are very committed to their faith.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the list below! Did we forget your favorite? Did we get one wrong?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Tom Cruise is very devout in his belief in Scientology.


angus t jones

Image: EOnline

The former Two and a Half Men actor actually left the show because he thought it was against his Christian (Seventh-day Adventist) faith. We have to give him kudos for walking away from millions of dollars because of his convictions.


Funnyman Russell Brand didn’t grow up particularly religious, but he credits his conversion to Hinduism as saving him from drug addiction and ruining his life.


kirk-cameron holding a bible

Image: aattp.org

It seems like Kirk Cameron is only a celebrity now because of his religion. In case you didn’t know, Cameron is a devout born-again Christian, and he’s devoted his life to spreading the gospel and opposing gay rights.


tyler perry preaching


Sure, he dresses in drag for his movies all the time, but Tyler Perry is very firm in his belief in Christianity. You’ve probably noticed that none of his characters are afraid to speak out about their faith in God in any of his films.


Former singer and American Idol alum David Archuleta is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He actually left behind his career in music because of his religion. Or so he says. Maybe he left it behind because nobody bought his albums.


The second Two and a Half Men actor on our list, Kutcher was born into a Roman Catholic family, but now he considers himself very spiritual, and he studies Kabbalah—even taking a pilgrimage to Israel.


kris jenner gif

When Kim Kardashian’s sex tape came out Kris Jenner turned to her Christian faith to help her get through that difficult time. It must have worked, because now she’s one of the most famous faces in the world.


Born and raise Buddhist, Tiger Woods eventually left the religion behind. When the scandal about all his infidelities broke, he would eventually turn back to his childhood religion to regain control over his life.


tim tebow holding football in front of three crosses

Image: USA Today Sports

Football hottie Tim Tebow has always put his Christian faith first in his life, using his fame and celebrity to promote various Christian causes. It might also explain why he has such a devoted fanbase insisting that he belongs in the NFL when his play suggests otherwise.


Goodbye being Methodist, and hello Buddhism! Richard Gere doesn’t have anything against Christianity, but he finds Buddhism to be more fulfilling on a personal level.



Image: CBS

Prince may have grown up Seventh-day Adventist, but in 2001 the singer became a Jehovah’s Witness. Supposedly a strong supporter of correcting social injustice, he opposes marriage equality for LGBT people — despite being very in touch with his feminine side.


Born, raised, and still a good Catholic boy, Mark Wahlberg is very devout, as evidenced by his saying, “Being a Catholic is the most important aspect of my life. The first thing I do when I start my day is, I get down on my hands and knees and give thanks to God. Whenever I go outside of my house, the first thing I do is stop at the church.”


Mel Gibson

Image: Salon

Something went wrong with Mel Gibson’s Christianity, because he’s distorted it to the point of being a raging anti-semite and racist. Or is that just par for the course?


Another celebrity who studies Kabbalah, Madonna has undergone numerous religious reincarnations throughout her life, so don’t be surprised if this is just another phase for the aging pop star.


denzel washington laughing

Image: Bossip

Hollywood A-lister Denzel Washington is the son of a preacher man and a devout Pentecostal Christian.


When he was 21, John Travolta said “bye bye” to Catholicism and “hello” to Scientology, saying, “Scientology has given me stability, given me the tools to handle life’s issues, stresses and problems.” We have to ask, does Scientology have anything against the gays, and is this why he’s still in the closet?


erika christensen

Behold, another Scientology believer on our list! Lately the actress has made it her mission to clear up some of the misconceptions about Scientology.


Tina Turner was born and raised a good Baptist girl, but now she’s one of the most famous Buddhists in the world. Oh, and she says she wants all of us to be Buddhist too.


patricia heaton

The Middle actress was born and raised Catholic, even attending Catholic school, but Heaton attends a Presbyterian church now. She says her devout faith has alienated her from liberal Hollywood. She’s also been a very active campaigner for Republican politicians. Her faith might be why she hates President Obama so much (if she believes he’s truly Muslim).


Which came first, the end of Stephen Baldwin’s acting career or his devout faith? Well, if you ask him he’ll tell you that his zealous adherence to evangelical Christianity has caused him to be blacklisted in Hollywood, but we’re more apt to believe it’s because of his terrible acting.


debby ryan in bathtub with legs spread

Image: Paper

Debby Ryan is a very, very devout Christian. She’s organized prayer groups for other young Hollywood actors (good for her!) and feels so strongly about her Christianity that she’d kill for it (whoa!).


Something tells us that the Bieb really has no idea what’s going on when it comes to religion, because he uses his faith in God as an excuse to speak out against gays and abortion, but then he goes and does decidedly un-Christian things all the time! You can’t pick and choose, Justin…


Lupe Fiasco is the first Muslim on our list, but he doesn’t want you to think of him like that. As he puts it, “I don’t like putting my religion out there, I don’t like wearing it like that because I don’t want people looking at me as the poster child of Islam, because I’m not. I don’t want them to look at my flaws [and say], ‘oh, that’s the flaws of Islam”


mos def

The rapper is another devout Muslim, saying “You’re not gonna get through life without being worshipful or devoted to something. You’re either devoted to your job, or to your desires. So the best way to spend your life is to try to be devoted to prayer, to Allah.”


Good news, if Julia Roberts dies she will eventually come back to life! At least according to the practicing Hindu. She doesn’t like talking about her faith though, stating, “People do care what celebrities think, but it’s such a hollow care. I’ve seen actors on TV start talking about their politics or religion, and I just think, you’re putting me off. I don’t need to know every little thing. People don’t really want to know. It’s nice if you don’t have all those little voices in the back of your head when you’re watching somebody in a movie.”


Like many young Brits, Orlando Bloom was born into the Church of England, but today he practices Buddhism. “The philosophies behind [Buddhism] are very current today and are a way of finding some sort of peace… Faith, I understand, gives people that unshakeable sense of self to go about their life and be a good person.”

If you liked our list, be sure to check out 46 Celebrities You Won’t Believe are Atheists.

  • Amanda Lynn Velez

    This was a very snarky article. Making rude comments about Debbie Ryan, Kirk Cameron, Tim Tebow and Prince. I read the article about atheists and did not find one single sarcastic comment about any of the people that have no faith. It actually seemed to glorify all of the comedians that have no respect for others beliefs and make disgusting jokes about God. It doesn’t surprise me at all though, this is the world we live in.

    • Jack Oliver

      Are you fucking kidding me? Nothing “rude” was said about those silly Christians. You’re just being hypersensitive. No doubt you’re one of those Christians who’s being “discriminated” against and “marginalized.”

      Stupid idiots who believe in a magical sky fairy and use that as an excuse to do hateful things don’t deserve protection. Their bullshit should be called out like this author is. Nothing she said is wrong either. If you think it’s rude or snarky then take offensive with the people saying hateful and hurtful things, not the person pointing it out.

      Go back to your Bible and find mroe ways to hate.

      • Amanda Lynn Velez

        I didn’t say anything about being marginalized or discriminated against. It’s ridiculous how hateful your comment is and you know nothing about me at all. It’s kinda funny that you have a problem with people that say hateful and hurtful things and in this one comment you have managed to insult like 50% of the U.S. that believe in God.

        • Jennifer LeAnne Callahan

          Amanda, I agree with you. I was thinking the same thing. Although they were also poking fun at some of the other religions as well. I guess according to them the only people deserving of respect are the ones who believe that we come from nothing. Oh, and I believe the last estimate of people in the US who identify as Christian is more like 75 percent. Got to love the oh so tolerant atheist minority. However, I do believe that people of faith really should get together and quit letting these idiots bully us. They are barely a blip on the radar yet they get so much attention because they are such big mouth idiots. People just let them have their way to shut them up.

          • DB Cooper

            Actually, the number of people who consider themselves atheist in America has never been higher than it is now and those numbers are growing every year. We live in the Information Age now and people have greater access to information and alternative ideas than ever before, and this is what is leading to people abandoning organized religion en mass. Your estimate of 75% of Americans being Christian is utterly ludicrous. The numbers are well below 50% and shrinking.

          • Nat the Brat

            “well below 50%” I highly doubt that

          • joe smith

            WAY below 50%. No one in this day and age of science is believing in your dog and pony show anymore. Nothing but con men peddling hate under the guise of a “God.” Mental patients—all of you.

          • Nat the Brat

            Whether it is indeed a “dog and pony show” or not, there are enough religious folks still left in the world to prove you wrong. I’m not even gonna bother sharing any statistics with you – look ’em up for yourself.

          • https://disqus.com/home/channel/atheismftw/ Ian Cooper

            No intelligent people believe anymore. I have no problem admitting that most of the world is religious. Most people in the world are morons.

          • Nat the Brat

            Yeah, but a lot of the time their being religious has no connection to their being morons. Not all of the time, but a fair amount of it.

            EDIT: I also know a fair amount of nonreligious folks who could be considered ‘morons’

          • https://disqus.com/home/channel/atheismftw/ Ian Cooper

            Okay, but being religious is not exactly a sign of a great intellect.

          • NEIL C. REINHARDT


          • NEIL C. REINHARDT


          • Nisism Levy

            Have you read Genesis. It supports the idea of Existence emanating from the Void

          • joe smith

            You’re an ignorant slut if you believe 75% of people believe in your imaginary friend in the sky. You people need serious mental help. Nothing but sexist, homophobic, and hateful losers.

        • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/his-divine-shadow His Shadow

          Keep your gods to yourself, thanks.

        • joe smith

          Don’t flatter yourself, lady. It’s 2016, 50% of the US does NOT believe in a God. It’s much, much less and getting even less as people realize the absurdity of believing in such a hate-filled, sexist and homophobic institution.

      • celebritytune

        Jack… Play nice. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but you calling people names makes you look like a butt.

        • joe smith

          Hmm, and saying people look like butts for their opinions makes you what?!

      • Look! I’m a Cat!

        Atheists can be just as intolerant as Christians.
        That’s one (minor) reason I am neither!

        • Mex5150

          Do you even know what the word Atheist means? Being a theist/atheist is an either/or option, you can’t be neither!

          • Nat the Brat

            Not their point

          • Mex5150

            They claimed they are neither theist or atheist, something that is impossible, by definition you have to be one or the other. I asked them to clarify the nonsense they just spouted. Their opening claim is totally irrelevant.

          • Look! I’m a Cat!

            Read the actual words I wrote.
            I said “Christian” not “theist”.

            Yes, indeed, Christians are theists, but not all theists are Christians. Is that the part you don’t understand?

            I most certainly can very much be neither a Christian nor an atheist. Which is what I said.

            I didn’t say anything about being neither theist nor atheist.

            And, technically, I could also be questioning, undecided… I could have no firm belief at all, or just believe that we can never know for certain.

          • Look! I’m a Cat!

            I’d also say that, given how my comment is only two sentences long, I find it a little odd to separate the first one out as an “opening” claim that has no bearing on or relation to the second sentence.

            Perhaps I should have made them into just one sentence, using a semicolon. Would that have made it any more clear as to exactly which two words “neither” was referring to?

            Eh, probably not, seeing how the word “theist” doesn’t appear in either of my sentences anyway.

          • Look! I’m a Cat!

            Read the words a little more closely. You should be able to answer your own question.

          • Angela Hamon

            Not all theists are Christians. First grade math (set theory) will show you that.

        • Nisism Levy

          Totally agree. There are many militant atheists who are just as unpleasant as extreme religious nuts

      • karatx

        Uh really? You want to talk about hate? Look in the mirror you hypocrite!!

        Btw just the names of the articles say it all. Let’s see you won’t believe who’s an atheist vs crazy religious celebrities? You are clueless if you don’t see that.

        • celebritytune

          Hi karatx,

          Just to clarify, the author of the article used the word crazy in lieu of synonyms like very, über, wicked, extremely, etc. One thing we never do at Celebrity Tune is use mental illness as a punchline. Almost everything else is fair game.

          The same author who wrote this piece also wrote about celebrity atheists, which has drawn the ire of atheists all over. It just proves that when it comes to matters of faith, nobody can make everyone happy.

          You can see that other article here, and please read the comments so you can see how upset people without faith have been — http://www.wably.com/article/46-celebrities-you-wont-believe-are-atheists-video/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social .

          Best regards,
          Celebrity Tune

          • DGR

            Their usage of the word ‘crazy’ may have been intended as a synonym for the other words you stated, but it is still a poor word choice, especially when one considers that the article regarding atheists required no synonym. A better choice would’ve been Devout(ly) Religious Celebrities. It was also especially unfair to even ask if Mel Gibson’s infamous racist and anti-Semitic comments were “par for the course.” That is clearly a suggestion that perhaps all or the majority of Christians are racist and/or anti-Semitic, which they most certainly are not.

      • DGR

        Nothing rude? For one thing, you are the epitome of the word, so congratulations. Secondly, the suggestion that Mel Gibson’s racist rants could be “par for the course” was completely rude and out of line. You can continue to believe that everything exploded from nothing into existence, but denying that this article was rude at certain turns is just plain ignorance and/or atheistic bias.

        • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/his-divine-shadow His Shadow

          “atheistic bias”. You mean the bias you have towards every other god and religion?

          Everyone is an atheist. Actual atheists just go one god further.

        • Nisism Levy

          In Genesis Existence explodes out of a void.

          • DGR

            Actually in Genesis God’s existence never started. God simply always was, without beginning or end, transcending what we know as the natural (that’s why he’s called supernatural). Then He created things. What you’re describing is exactly what atheists believe: a beginning out of nothing.

      • The Long walk

        You say hate, are you sure about that? Read your commit and decide what hate is.

    • celebritytune

      Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for reading. We’re sorry you found the article displeasing, because that certainly wasn’t our intent. The same person who wrote this article also wrote the article about celebrity atheists, and many readers there found the tone of that article to be insulting/condescending to atheism and atheists. Celebrity Tune definitely can’t be accused of promoting religion or the lack of religion. If anything, it just goes to prove that we’re on the sidelines and encourage people to choose the faith — or lack of faith — that most appeals to them.

      We hope you stop by in the future, but if not we still appreciate you visiting.

      Celebrity Tune

      • Nisism Levy

        I read both articles and the one about believers was the only insulting one but only tot he Christian celebrities

      • joe smith

        Why are you apologizing to all these whiny sacks like some little school girl?? If they don’t like the article, then move on. Atheists didn’t like the other article either, but you don’t hear them crying about it. Maybe they should go pray about it and quit bitching about it.

    • http://gbndfw.com Nylevette E. Milligan

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Jennifer

      Not to mention the ugliness of suggesting anti-Semitism is part of the deal. Jerks.

      • celebritytune

        Hi Jennifer,

        So sorry about the delay in responding to you. We recommend looking at the entries for Kris Jenner, Tim Tebow, Mark Wahlberg, Angus T. Jones and several others as examples of us not trashing religion. We do, however, bash people for doing ridiculous things, regardless of their religion. The comment about Mel Gibson’s antisemitism was in regard to him as a person, not his religion.

        If you’d like to see the other side of the story — and how upset it makes atheists — please check out our article on celebrity atheists. http://www.wably.com/article/46-celebrities-you-wont-believe-are-atheists-video/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

        Celebrity Tune

        • A HARAN

          I am very late in reading this site, purely out of curiosity, and I have to say that you are wrong in saying that you only commented on Mel Gibson as a person and not his faith, I’m sorry but you may have started off that way but the minute you finished with “is it just par for the course?” that shoots your argument right out of the water, and of course the title of your column 27 Crazy Religious Celebrities, I think that speaks volumes. Pity that we can neither be religious or non believers and it be no ones business but your own.

        • Ben

          “Or so he says. Maybe he left it behind because nobody bought his albums.”
          This comment suggesting he went spiritual because his music career was ending, what would you call this?

    • Melissa Delillo-Henderson

      I think there’s just the right amount of snark when it comes to some of these people- especially since they tend to be hypocrites. You do know Debbie ryan has said she would kill someone if god told her to right? That wasnt snark..that was a fact.

      • joe smith

        Well, sounds like she’s a nutbag, as most religious freaks are.

    • disqus_ZzVvIkEq2p

      That’s because religion is silly, and it should be mocked.

      • https://disqus.com/home/channel/atheismftw/ Ian Cooper

        Yeah, I was just thinking, isn’t “crazy religious” kind of a tautology?

    • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/his-divine-shadow His Shadow

      Kirk Cameron is a moron and has been doing everything in his power to make the population dumber. He made his bed of ignorance, he can lie in it.

    • joe smith

      Why respect adults who believe in fairytales?! They certainly don’t respect atheists. “Beliebers” just need to grow up and not be scared of death.

    • Linda Belcher

      Bullshit. The second person got complimented for choosing faith over money. The parts you don’t like are because they hit too close to home. Cunt.

      • Amanda Lynn Velez

        Wow! That is a serious amount of hate for someone that you don’t know anything about. That name you called me for whatever reason is so disgusting and vile I can only imagine you are too. Have a great day! 🙏🏻

  • Gracie777

    Loony toon Hollywood atheists, the self-proclaimed tolerant ones…

  • Teto85

    Thanks. This adds to my list of performers to boycott. You buy their records or see their movies you are making an indirect contribution to their religion and I for one do not want to contribute to some of these crazies. Don’t forget, Jenna Elfman, Giovanni Ribisi and his sister, Elisabeth Moss, and Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) are all Scientologists.

    • beetroot sprite

      At least that’s an home grown American religion – not middle eastern and anti-American like the others.

      • Teto85

        In the words of Carlin the Great, “Religion is bullshit.”

        • beetroot sprite


      • Jack Oliver

        Scientology is straight up poorly written science fiction. Shit is bonkers.

        • beetroot sprite

          I think you’re splitting hairs. They are all bonkers. And poorly written.
          Alien souls from a volcano is no more crazy than a woman made out of a man’s rib or millions of animals fitting on a boat. Not to mention building the universe in six days…. must have pulled over time.

          • Jack Oliver

            Yes, they all are bonkers. You’re totally right.

          • The Long walk

            So you believe the monkey story is not true? Or the giant explosion that so happen to put everything in perfect order in our solar system? I’m shocked. But curious to know what your theory is?

          • beetroot sprite

            So you believe in magic? You believe magic created a god? You think that a god winking into existence is believable but matter winking into existence isn’t… and my belief is backed by scientific theories now BTW – and yours isn’t = yours is just a fairy tale created by men ignorant of the world.
            Try reading the Grand Design by Hawkings.
            And Monkey Theory? You understand that DNA comparisons have gone way beyond what Darwin proposed. We know we share a common ancestor with apes… this is fact.
            You are the sad result of religion. You are ignorant and celebrate the fact. That is terribly sad. Religion stifles knowledge and is a closed system that does not promote investigation. Why would someone WANT that – it is really a form of mental abuse. Your parents and educators obviously failed you.
            You fill gaps in your knowledge with magic. I fill gaps in mine with investigation. You wonder what my theory is…. my theory is simple – Man made god(s). There is nothing supernatural in the world. If you believe this the world is a much better place. Religion is a blight that must be destroyed with education for the good of us all.

          • Jack Oliver

            You mean evolution? That idea that is backed up and supported with piles of evidence three miles high?

            Why yes, yes I do.

          • joe smith

            I’m curious to know how people like you function in daily life believing in fairytales. Yeah, sure, it makes a lot more sense to believe there’s some big daddy in the sky pulling all the strings. Morons.

          • Leonard Vine

            As nobody was there to witness this so called 6 day creation, it’s an obviously made up story. It’s nice story but it’s pure fiction.

  • ben

    The last thing a person of faith seeks is celebrity, who ever wrote this doesn’t understand neither.

    • celebritytune

      Hi ben,

      We’re of the mind that the last thing anyone needs is celebrity, but we sure are glad celebrities exist, otherwise we’d all be out of a job. YIKES!

      Celebrity Tune

  • Kaylyn

    Did whoever wrote this article do it just to make rude comments? The things they said about Kirk Cameron, David Archuleta, Tim Tebow, Prince, Madonna, Patricia Heaton, Stephen Baldwin, and Debby Ryan were exactly that. I think a better title for this would be “I’m Gonna Slam Whichever Celebrities I Want Because I Don’t Agree With Them.” If all your articles are like this, I will never read another one of them. It was insensitive and just flat out uncalled for. I’m a big believer in freedom of speech, but don’t use it just to be a jerk.

    • beetroot sprite

      The truth hurts.

    • Jack Oliver

      They basically slobbered on Tim Tebow’s cock in this article.

      “Football hottie Tim Tebow has always put his Christian faith first in his life, using his fame and celebrity to promote various Christian causes. It might also explain why he has such a devoted fanbase insisting that he belongs in the NFL when his play suggests otherwise.”

      The only thing the writer insulted was his football talent, which is fair game.

      Making fun of Madonna for being as flakey with religion as she is with men is also fair game. She’s changed religion as often as a lot of you Christians change your underwear.

      The rest of them definitely deserve whatever snark was directed at them. The only one that MAY have been unfair was the snark directed at the little Mormon boy.

      • The Long walk

        I’m guessing your kinda still in the closet , just will just call you kate

        • Jack Oliver

          Out of the closet actually, and I promise you wouldn’t call me Kate to my face, Nancy.

  • Vic

    Well, I am a born again Christians, and…, oh wait, I am not a celebrity, thank God, that would be a mess!

    It is sad when people’s faith is politicized anymore, it takes a way a lot from the truth of the matter.

    BTW, Angelina Jolie, Jon Voit, Brad Pitt, Gary Busy, and a lot other showbiz stars believe in God.

    • beetroot sprite

      No one said they were smart.

  • Rob Korchinski

    What a pile of doogie doo !

    • beetroot sprite

      I take it you mean religion.

  • Rob Korchinski

    Given that the title of this article that implies actors with religious beliefs are crazy, the negative bias is pretty clear….

    • beetroot sprite

      Everybody with religious beliefs are crazy.
      If one person believed this nonsense you’d say they we crazy… why should the force of numbers change that undeniable fact?

    • Jack Oliver

      Oh shut up with the false victimization. The article title clearly means that these are very religious people. Shut up with all the other shit.

    • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/his-divine-shadow His Shadow

      If you wake up and think that saying a few Latin words over your breakfast turns it into the body of Elvis Presley, you’ve lost your mind.

      If you believe that about a cracker and Jesus, you are just a Catholic.

    • joe smith

      As it should be. You “Beliebers” are nutbags.

  • zbacku

    The word is ‘Devoted’. This article proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are those out there that are so afraid of Christians and their faith that they will do anything to degrade them.

    • beetroot sprite

      No – we’re frightened of the ignorance and bigotry religion breeds.

    • Jack Oliver

      Yes, we’re afraid of Christians blowing up abortion clinics, driving their gay kids to suicide, inciting race wars, or waging a crusade against Islam (which is way more fucked up than Christianity).

      We’re not afraid your faith, but we are afraid of your blind adherence to it and the dumb shit it causes y’all to do.

      • The Long walk

        Who is we? You and what army?

        • Jack Oliver

          You’re confused, it’s the nutty religious assholes who start wars, not the irreligious.

          “We” is in reference to the people who don’t put blind faith into things without evidence

          • The Long walk

            So u speak for the trees , like the lorax.

          • The Long walk

            Oh wait it sounds like your starting post wars on this subject , so what does that make you , nutty religious or just the ass?

          • Jack Oliver

            Congratulations on liking your own comments. Way to win!

          • The Long walk

            Thanks jack ???

  • Carol martin

    So wrapped up in religion that they don’t even know God or His son Jesus. Religions are man made, not of Christianity which is not a part of any religion.

    • Jack Oliver

      The Bible is man-made, so if the Bible is the teachings on which Christianity is built, then even that is man-made.

      *mic drop*

    • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/his-divine-shadow His Shadow

      You are insane. Christianity by every definition is a religion, especially if your definition of religion means “man made”.

  • beetroot sprite

    They should stop spreading this middle east religious nonsense. Atheism is the only way forward.

  • The Long walk

    Ok, from another perspective, as a Native American 100%, the bible is not to far off native views and teaching as we also see the same fairy tale sky you are talking about. I dare you to walk the walk we walked , I pretty sure you would be seeking for some faith.

    • Jack Oliver

      Which Native American tribe? Because they don’t all share one religion/spirituality. Or are you lying about being 100% Native American, like Christians lie about their dumb as fuck Bible?

      • The Long walk

        Ok , a little info for you, native people , I’m speaking for myself and my family , that still hold tradition, not some native who claims Cherokee, or I think my grand pa was native, you know who I mean,,,I wish I could show you but it might just make you so mad and write n article about it. But like I said , the bible ,,, Moses people are that same people , like natives they fasted, offered smoke, many think related , I’m not talking about a pow wow. I’m talking about real traditionalist who still speak this language, I can tell you we did save you so you can post on this.

        • Jack Oliver

          I did a bit of studying in the field of Native American history, so my basic knowledge is at least better than average. So, again, I ask to which tribe you belong? What language group did/do you belong to?

          My point, which you seem to be missing, is that grouping all indigenous people together is neither accurate or appropriate. You say that “the bible is not to [sic] off native views and teachings,” but you don’t say which group of Native Americans. You’re painting with a VERY broad brush, and that’s not fair at all to the rich history, traditions and lore of the myriad tribes of indigenous people on the two American continents.

          Get back to me with specifics, because right now you’re talking like some cracker who claims his grandaddy was 1/16 Cherokee.

          • The Long walk

            Sure your studies like a cracker , study all u want , I guess if u did do studies u didn’t get the hints I left , so you are lost and didn’t revirbe enough education on native Americans, like a cracker u made a judgement and your hate drivers you . I already forgave you … Your not worth it . Your looking to hate by your choice of words. And you say we and drag your opinion along with others. Then you want to separate what I said about American indian tribes. You want to point and say I’m dragging the other tribes into it . You tell me which Native American tribe does not believe in mother eath , tell me which does not have the great flood stories, the four directions the four colors, the morning east and what it represents , smoke offerings, father sky , who do you think we mean by father sky? What do you think carries our prayers to him? Tell me about myself —- see how smart you are? Hateful and blame and point fingers that’s all you are . Studie to try to make every argument , just believe and take a deep breath.

          • Jack Oliver

            I’m not the one pretending to be a Native American, and I’m the first to admit that I don’t know everything there is to all the different belief systems. You can’t make a claim and then expect others to prove you right or wrong; the onus is on you to support your point, which you are either unwilling or incapable of doing. Either way it just makes me realize you’re pretty useless, just like religion.

          • The Long walk

            Fair enough , have a great day , I enjoyed the convo. Thanks

          • Angela Hamon

            Well most native tribes did have a flood story, a creation story, but did you never hear about stories that a turtle held the entire world ? Or that possums were messengers that used to have furry tails til their pride did them in? I believe the addition of Judeo Christian beliefs is a new thing, developed within the last 300 or 400 years to keep colonists from killing them. SOME tribes seem linked to the Lost Tribe of Manasas (Israelites) but very few and they did not get along with the other tribes for they came to be called Anasazi or “the Enemy”.

          • Jimmy N. Cricket

            The religious beliefs of indigenous Americans, the people who have been in North America for 30,000+ years, are myriad and vast. You are lumping them all together like they’re of the same religion, similar to different denominations of Christianity. This is not the case at all!

  • AP Besser, Jr.

    Attributing Patricia Heaton’s dislike of Obama to her religion…..really. Excuse me while I practice Liberal identity politics…RACIST!!

  • Jay Kay

    “does Scientology have anything against the gays, and is this why he’s still in the closet?”
    ‘The gays’….touch of homophobia there, perhaps? Why not against purely ‘gays’? and what has John Travolta coming out of the closet, if indeed he is in that said closet…to do with anything…that is why I cannot stand poor ‘journalism’ like this….I’ve seen 7 year-olds write better articles about ‘what they did during summer break’….

  • Mrgmorgan56

    Religion…for weak minded idiots…

  • Leonard Vine

    The heading “These Stars Are Crazy About Religion” is 2 words too long,
    like the last 2.

  • Nat the Brat

    Did you notice how they made a point of saying when somebody was against gay rights?

    • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/his-divine-shadow His Shadow

      That’s why they are crazy.

  • http://ltnyxcalhoun.ucoz.com NyxCalhoun

    Kris Jenner is a Christian? and she lets her daughters act the way they do? I don’t think so hun… I love Kirk Cameron,he’s awesome…and Tyler Perry is awesome too. God bless them.

  • Nisism Levy

    Why do you only make snarky comments about Christian celebrities? Not a word about the homophobia and misogyny common with devout Muslims.

  • joe smith

    First off, at least five of the men on this list are closeted gays. The rest are just angry morons trying to force their deluded beliefs on others. Secondly, Scientology, Kabbalah, and Buddhism are not religions per se. Scientology is just bad science fiction; Kabbalah is about mysticism; and Buddhism is a philosophy of life. Lastly, anyone who truly believes there are invisible people in the sky talking to them, or that there is a fluffy-clouded place in the sky, or that there is a little man in a red suit with a pitchfork down below is absolutely and certifiably nuts.

  • https://disqus.com/home/channel/atheismftw/ Ian Cooper

    “Debby Ryan is a very, very devout Christian. She’s organized prayer groups for other young Hollywood actors (good for her!)”

    Why is organizing meetings for people who talk to their imaginary friend a good thing?

    “…and feels so strongly about her Christianity that she’d kill for it (whoa!).”

    Always good to know that some folks are still for burning people at the stake.

  • Angela Hamon

    Especially David Archuleta probably couldn’t reconcile the show American IDOL with a belief in God. Angus couldn’t abide by working with the likes of Charlie Sheen and John Crier, and Russel Brand is not my favorite but being Hindu is better than being on drugs and a danger to self/others. Tyler Perry is supportive of single moms, against domestic violence, and an all around nice guy. Amanda Lynn Velez you are so right! Any kind of faith seems to be so “out” these days.

    • https://disqus.com/home/channel/atheismftw/ Ian Cooper

      If Russell Brand’s only option other than drugs was Hinduism, you might have a point. But there are plenty of non-religious options that are even healthier than believing in pretend magical beings.

      • Angela Hamon

        Well I can agree with that point, Ian. In fact, I am against courts ordering people to attend AA or NA because it seems to violate the separation of church and state to make them take a religious treatment to stay out of jail. and in the Army I HATED the pressure to attend chapel where the chaplain was busy raping troops and smoking dope on taxpayer dollars. I feel we should get rid of them too, but making fun of people for turning to religion when they are stressed seems kind of silly, like the case of Kris Jenner. She’s been through a lot, I don’t even like her but being thankful for her food and home is nice enough.

  • Linda Quinlisk

    Wow! Some of these captions are very harsh!

  • Nathan Forester

    Personally I think Russell Brand is insane in general. I mean he’s bi-polar and probably has a split personality as well. His mind is Tiffany twisted, and he has the Mercedes Bends – he’s got a lot of pretty pretty girls that he calls friends.

  • muttkat

    With Mel Gibson. Get over it, media.