These are the houses $1 million gets you in cities across the country

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Nashville, TN, million dollar houses


Whether you’re legitimately house hunting or just looking for some house porn to indulge in, we’ve got your fix. As for the housing market, it’s ever changing and prices are going up like never before. It’s ridiculous. $1 million is a lot of money and will buy you a completely different house in San Francisco than in Denver. We’ve searched the country (on to find the absolute best houses in various cities that are roughly $1 million. But, we’ve given ourselves a little wiggle room since nothing is ever exactly $1 million, with 10% over and under being the price range ($900,000-$1,100,000).

While you may not be able to afford this price range right now, it’s fun to dream, right? Use these photos as motivation to work your ass off until you can afford somewhere as luxurious as this to live. I know I am.

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